Electric drive vehicle: increasingly widespread and more and more sustainable


Published on: 24/05/2017

When we say electric cars and Green mobility, it’s natural to think about the latest technologies, avant-garde design and respect for the environment.

You could be easily surprised by learning that the first electric car prototypes date back to the mid 1800’s. Despite the appearance, the link with our points of reference is closer than you may think: the foresight that already dominated those craftsmanship experiments was the same that belongs to everyone who uses the latest generation electric vehicles every day.

In fact, these vehicles – cars, but also bikes and bicycles – sold by Esergetica across Europe, do not respond to road traffic restrictions, respect the environment, and benefit about reserved parking spaces in major urban centers. But that’s not all: to make Green mobility even greener (and affordable for our pockets) is the ability to connect our own car to the home photovoltaic system.

Today’s everyday use of electric vehicles is undoubtedly supported by the public charging points: if the spreading of the charging columns is largely consolidated in Northern Europe, in Italy we’re witnessing the installation of a growing number of refueling stations for electric vehicles, and we are not talking about just installations in large urban centers.

Firstly Florence, Rome and Milan, but to follow almost all provincial capitals and small towns in our country, today use electric car-sharing services, and above all, support for private vehicles, with the national goal to touch 130.000 electric charge points for electric cars within the next 3 years.