Energy Storage: 3 reasons to choose them

Published on: 05/06/2017

The decision to install a photovoltaic system on the roof of our company or home is usually justified by two main factors. Firstly, the desire to cut down the bill: self-generating energy with a thirty-year guarantee system, which significantly reduces the amount to be paid at the end of each month. The second reason is the idea to take on a “green reputation” towards the environment, which can offer a strategic business approach in line with market and regulatory commitments.

Once the solar panels are positioned, however, it is necessary to consider that our home or factory energy demand, continues even when the panels no longer collect solar rays. The natural solution is energy storage: through battery connected to our photovoltaic plant, which stores the energy produced and unused during the daytime. The three reasons for choosing it are shown below:

1) Keeping energy is better than selling it: the cost of electricity, when we buy it from the network, is around 0.25 Euros per kW, but when we are selling our overproduction (through the “on-the-spot exchange”) the average price is around 0.14 Euros per kW. It clearly follows the significant advantage on saving and reusing self-produced energy, compared to the on-site exchange and subsequent repurchases.

2) Double discount: Talking about economical benefits, purchasing batteries for photovoltaic panels is part of the 50% tax credit for energy-saving construction jobs. Esergetica is constantly updated with regard to economic incentives, and is able to support any kind of “business” or “home” needs.

3) Evolution without turning upside down: although it is recommended to install accumulators at the same time as the installation of the cells on the roof, energy storages can, be placed afterwards, even years after, achieving significant savings from the very first time. In addition, the space required by these new installations is limited, and the minimal design of Esergetica’s batteries highlights the new system of innovation.