Getting to know the most fun green transport device: the Segway

Published on: 13/09/2017

Everyone knows and would like to try it, but nobody knows what to call it: it’s the Segway.

This hightly technological two-wheeled means of transport, the segway, is really easy to use, and allows everyone, from people with reduced mobility to children, to move easily, safely and effortlessly, thanks to an integrated system which mantains its constant balance.

The Segway, which is an emission free mode of transport, is being succesfully distributed by Esergetica. This small electric transport device uses a long-life electric motor that is easily rechargable by using a home electrical system. This feature allows it to move around everywhere, such as pedestrian areas, footpaths, and even indoors, as if the user was walking.

Trendy in the green mobility sector, the Segway isn’t only fun and user-friendly, but it’s even rapidly growing as preferred option for tourism too: international tour operators are now also offering guided tours on this mode of transport, and the number of people who choose the Segway as a fun summer interest is growing.