Stylplex and Esergetica: true story of an energy upgrade

Riqualificazione alla Stylplex

Published on: 13/03/2018

Energy upgrade: a true story.

The road to reach the peak of energy efficiency is secure and more rewarding if you travel with an expert partner: that’s why Stylplex, a renowned company in the Plexiglass processing sector, has chosen Esergetica to achieve its goal.

Overall, the complete project took place in several steps: firstly the removal and disposal of the existing Eternit roof, followed by resurfacing and a relamping intervention, in which the lighting fixtures of the production area and Stylplex offices have been replaced by Esergetica with modern LED lamps, with more efficient lighting result and lower energy consumption.

Phase two: the air-conditioning system was taken care by Esergetica, with the installation of new generators. Talking about offices, facing the need for heating in winter and cooling during summer, the traditional methan gas heat generator was replaced with a modern reversible heat pump. Speaking about the heating system, electronic pumps were installed for the distribution of fluids and the distribution system was divided into five thermal zones: each one of them is served by an electronic valve, and connected to the thermostats, placed inside the offices. A single VMF (Variable Multi Flow) management system, installed in air-conditioned environments, gives the possibility to manage the individual heating and cooling fancoils, controlling the opening or closing of the valves. The distribution system was therefore built with variable flow, to limit pumping costs and reduce energy consumption.

Before, Work in progress, After

Progress report of Esergetica intervention

On the roof before and after Esergetica's work

On the roof before and after Esergetica’s work

The last phase, which is still work in progress, involves the installation of the photovoltaic system. This is the heart of the whole system, that is managed directly by Esergetica, starting from the design, passing through the completion of the installation, up to the commissioning of the plants.

The 100 kWp complex will provide the factory with self-produced energy, necessary to significantly increase the energy independence from renewable sources, to ensure Stylplex an important energy saving and a technologically advanced system.