Esergetica gains the obligatory compliance certificate CEI-021 V1, July 2017 version

La normativa obbligatoria CEI-021

Published on: 14/05/2018

Spring has come and you’ve decided to install at home or on your company’s roof an energy system, so you can take full advantage of solar energy.

The idea, beyond being ethically moral, says that you care not only about the environment, but also your money savings (we talked about it here).

Should you already have a photovoltaic system on the roof, or if you don’t have one yet? We can explain why you should choose one, you will just have to install the storage: who will you appoint to set it up?

You should be careful, because the company, whatever will be the one you’re consulting, must meet the legislative requirements, and must have the CEI-021 V1 certification, July 2017 version.

What does this mean? The CEI-021 is a compliance certificate OBLIGATORY FOR LAW, that proves the storage system’s conformity to be regularly connected to the public network: an indispensable reference for user’ active and passive connection to low voltage networks (BT).

The company that has achieved the certification, has therefore taken and passed several tests, which guarantee the conformity of the product you are going to install, and its compliance according to the regulations in force.

What do I do next? Click on Certificate CEI 0-21 – Esergetica to consult and download our certification!

L'accumulatore elettrico: si collega all'impianto fotovoltaico per utilizzare tutta l'energia prodotta e restituirla al bisogno.

L’accumulatore elettrico: si collega all’impianto fotovoltaico per utilizzare tutta l’energia prodotta e restituirla al bisogno.